Associate Partner (en) Heike Adam

Heike Adam owns over 20 years of Finance and Management experience in the FMCG industry, at Henkel and Beiersdorf. She led various projects as well as organizations and was a member of the Management Board Southern Europe. She gained a broad crisis management experience, e.g., from the Greek financial crisis and large-scale turnarounds. Her consulting practice is focussed on inflation, finance, crisis management, and demand crisis.

Particularly relevant is her inflation expertise based on her own practical experience. At Henkel she was an expert for high-inflation-countries and Inflation Accounting. She knows how fast and intensely inflation affects an economy and how companies can respond successfully. Based on her knowledge, she has developed a leading analytical model for inflation on market- and company-level.

Heike Adam has extended international experience. She worked in the US and Italy, was responsible for Latin America and led various international projects, among others in cooperation with an external partner from India. She is fluent in German and English, and speaks Spanish, Italian, and Russian.

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