organizational development

Strategic changes sometimes require building up new and advancing existing organizational skills in a sustainable manner, ranging from special knowledge of innovative operating procedures to general communication and decision-making behaviour at important interfaces. Theron supports its clients in identifying critical needs for development and helps them develop respective concepts to advance their organization. Where our consultants have the respective expertise and experience, they will support clients in training their employees in relevant skills. Where we cannot provide this expertise ourselves, we help our clients find partners that are able to provide the training.

Examples of our work:  

  • Reorganizing product management of a manufacturer of high-quality technical appliances, incl. redefinition of tasks and requirements, assessment of executives in terms of new requirements, development and partial implementation of training concepts.
  • Defining roles and supporting organizational development of a medium-sized retailer in the framework of strategic restructuring based on the digitalization of the market.
  • Reviewing organization and skills of a wholesale company in a digitalizing market.
  • Supporting establishment and qualification of a new product management unit of a logistics provider.
  • Defining roles and supporting organizational development efforts to establish agile organizations.