restructuring, recovery & transformation

Strength comes from focusing on what is important: a clear strategic focus and operational excellence help companies enjoy above-average profitability and provide more flexibility in making business decisions. Theron supports its clients by providing comprehensive consulting services – from strategic restructuring to strengthening the operational business.

Examples of our work:

  • Developing and accompanying restructuring programmes for clients in various industries, incl. primary industry, components manufacturing, mechanical and plant engineering, medical technology, retail, logistics, and telecommunications.
  • Supporting insolvency administration in procurement and supplier management for clients in various industries, incl. retail and automotive.
  • Developing concepts and providing support in implementing turnarounds for clients in various industries, incl. retail, logistics, and telecommunications.
  • Providing interims management to various clients, incl. retailers, automotive suppliers, and metalworking companies.
  • Developing and establishing performance management systems to effectively manage a global, largely spread company.