Strategy – having a clear vision and a plan how to get there: Theron consultants support their clients in developing strategies that will lead to success because they are ambitious and are supported by the company. From external analysis and internal benchmarking to drawing up and evaluating strategic options to detailing action plans, we help our clients prepare and make strategic decisions that best meet their needs. Where required, we will also support them in implementing the strategies.

Examples of our work:

  • Developing strategies to enter the German market for various clients, incl. private equity companies, financial investors in the real estate market, food manufacturers, life science, and logistics companies.
  • Developing strategies for the European market for clients in various industries, incl. retail, logistics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and paper making.
  • Developing market entry strategies for logistics providers and life science companies.
  • Developing strategies for new products and services for clients in various industries, incl. steelmaking, mechanical engineering, chemicals, financial services, logistics, and media.
  • Developing new market/product strategies in medical technology.
  • Carrying out strategy reviews for clients in various industries, incl. mechanical engineering, consumer durables, banking, and telecommunications.
  • Realigning the business model of clients in various industries, incl. telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and media.
  • Implementing effective digital transformations for clients in various industries, incl. retail, automotive, logistics, and fashion.