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Nursing home providers expand ...

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October 2018: An increasing number of nursing home providers are expanding their business into the provision of home care services. The providers of home care services need strategic answers if they do not want to leave their business to nursing home providers. (German)

Arts, psychology, and consulting

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October 2018: At our quarterly meeting, we addressed the issue of data analytics and the benefits of arts in consulting projects. We would like to thank Hans-Christian Heiling for providing deep insights into the psychology and diversity of the reasons for why teams might be dysfunctional.

Business Model Navigator

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September 2018: Does your business face new challenges and needs to be realigned or advanced? Does a new business not yet perform well or should it be redeveloped from scratch? Learn more about how our Business Model Navigator may help you overcome those challenges!

Combined approach …

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August 2018: Article by Michel and Reichling published in the conference proceedings of the trade fair for nursing homes, arguing that the development of cross-sector services and the success of such combined services is no coincidence. (German)

Remuneration schemes in sales

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June 2018: There are numerous publications on remuneration and incentive schemes in sales. We do not want to add another one to the vast amount of conceptual analyses, but rather want to address some practical, feasible issues: What do we want to achieve with the remuneration scheme?

Lünendonk Handbuch Consulting

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March 2018: The new Lünendonk “Handbuch Consulting 2018” has been published, including an article by Theron on corporate and staff management in the era of digital transformation.