Profit as a Service Restructuring - Warranted

Rapid and accurate restructuring success without investment risk

  • Consulting fees corresponding to share of earnings growth at the end of work
  • Key performance indicator and way of calculation determined at the beginning
  • No risk of malinvestment and disappointed expectations
  • Favorable message for communication to the outside world
  • Experience-based Interactive Profit Estimator (end of page) to set the initial frame

What is important here

High degree of interlocking of decision-makers and analysts through honing of facts during continued, often daily interaction between management and functional experts.

Scienceworcs - Profit as a Service

Key factors of success

  • Constant focus on the most important levers from a management point of view
  • Step-by-step better alignment of questions and answers
  • Utmost level of management’s involvement throughout the entire process


Tangible profit protection and improvement through combining business judgment with real digital clout

  • Tested approaches as well as numerous insights from decades of experience
  • Immediate concentration on effective levers validated in practical application

  • High velocity while, at the same time, meticulous and careful analysis of big multi-sourced data sets
  • Accuracy and precision from inclusion of data from all relevant business transactions

No extra effort, not another new project!

Analytical work understood as content-related, methodical and capacitive reinforcement of often already ongoing activities to increase performance and reduce costs.

More efficient
decision making

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Strengthening of Management

  • Performance increase and cost reduction receives main management attention anyway
  • Exploiting of all technical possibilities for organizing short-term- and remote meetings creates additional degrees of freedom

More effective
preparation of decisions

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Strengthening of Function Staff

  • Alignment of the analysis work to the topics prioritized by management is indispensable anyway
  • During analytical work partially shifting of scope on the most actual focal points is typically possible
  • New degrees of freedom and motivation from immediate job enrichment and steep learning when working with external experts and specialists

Restructuring activities suitable for the Profit as a Service approach

Product Management

  • Customer Re-Focusing
  • Portfolio Streamlining
  • Product Rationalization
  • „True Profitability“


Supply Chain & Production

  • Inventory Optimization
  • Operative Supply Chain Improvement
  • BoM Similarity & Standardization
  • Supplier Portfolio Trimming



  • Sales Stimulation
  • Customer Win-back
  • CRM Process Optimization
  • Customer Portfolio Trimming


After-Sales Service

  • Service Level Recalibration
  • Service Reduction


Research & Development

  • Restructuring of key projects


Cross-functional Value Potential

  • Overhead Cost Reduction
  • Value Chain Renewal
  • Risks Restructuring & Pricing
  • Total Cost Cutting